The Founders

International Association for Sustainable Building and Living – natureplus e.V.

nnatureplus is the International Association for Sustainable Building and Living with around 100 members in numerous European countries. The Association’s aim is the development of a culture of sustainability within the building sector.
The Association brings together the market experience and technical competence of the commercial sector, the building materials users and the industry, the scientific qualifications of the participating test/assessment institutes, the social and environmental engagement of consumer and environmental protection bodies and also the Trades Unions. The Association is structured in such a manner that the interests of the most important players within the building sector are combined in a participative, democratic fashion. This approach leads to decisions that can be supported by a broad basis of the interested parties.
The most important instrument for sustainable development within the building sector is the natureplus Eco-label. The Association’s wide membership base and the comprehensive interdisciplinary approach ensure the high integrity of this label.

Bremer Umweltinstitut GmbH

This is an independent, accredited analysis and research institute with many years of experience in the investigation and testing of harmful substances. The focus of their work is the investigation and evaluation of harmful substances in interior air (field: building inspections/examinations) as well as the testing of textiles and leather, building products and other consumer articles (field: product testing).

eco-INSTITUT Germany GmbH

The eco-INSTITUT is an accredited laboratory for emissions testing and one of the most experienced German laboratories for the analysis of indoor spaces. For 30 years, the institute has been promoting the issue of healthy room air and tests emissions (off-gassing) from building products, floor coverings, furniture and other fixtures and fittings. Over 90 glass and stainless steel testing chambers are available in a highly modern, specialist laboratory with a floor space of around 500 m². 


Since 1980, IBO GmbH has been researching the interactions between humans, buildings and the environment. This independent scientific association is the service provider for the IBO Association. These services include LCA’s for building materials, building constructions and building procedures, structural analysis and building simulations, building evaluations, monitoring and optimisation, the evaluation of harmful substances and research into factors to enhance comfort.


ICEA – Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification, is a non for profit Certification Body established in 2000 which offers services in line with the principles of independency, impartiality and competence both in Food and No Food sectors. Relying on a network of more than 300 auditors, and expertise recognized by the national authorities and accreditation bodies of Italy, Canada, Japan, USA and other countries, ICEA provides a comprehensive range of certification and auditing services in the field of Organic, Environment and Social Responsibility.

Indikator GmbH

This laboratory, with over 25 years of experience, is a specialist in the analysis of heavy metals using ICP-MS, x-ray and atomic fluorescence techniques. Specially adapted methods are used as appropriate for the individual sample preparation. A further area of expertise is the analysis of organic halogen as a cumulative parameter.