Conformity Assessment natureplus

The natureplus institute has obtained a license from natureplus to award the natureplus label according to principles of impartiality and scientific rigour analogue to the requirements of EN 17065. The license includes the use of the natureplus trademark and the execution of the following tasks:

  • The organisation and execution of the product assessments for the natureplus eco-label, in accordance with the requirements of the natureplus award guidelines.
  • Impartial conformity evaluations of products for the natureplus eco-label
  • The award of trademark licensing rights for the use of the natureplus trademark by building materials manufacturers
  • Monitoring of contractual compliance in the use of the trademark

Within the scope of the collaboration, natureplus is responsible for the further development of the Eco-label, providing information to the public and PR activities and the general advertisement of the Eco-label. The natureplus Institute is responsible for the administration of the product database and the award of the Eco-label as well as the coordination of the natureplus assessment procedures.