natureplus Eco-label

A signpost for sustainability

  • comprehensive
  • scientific
  • recognised

The natureplus eco-label is an independant environmental label which ist fully compliant to ISO 14024. It demonstrates compliance with high standards of quality for all areas relevant to sustainability. The assessments to verify conformity with these requirements are conducted in line with international standards by accredited laboratories and assessors

The natureplus eco-label is the only European environmental label for building products that is based on strict scientific criteria in a multitude of key areas:

  • Sustainability of resources: Only building products made from renewable resources or mineral raw materials that are available in abundance or secondary raw materials are permissible for a natureplus certification. The use of fossil raw materials must be avoided whenever possible. The raw materials must stem from sustainable sources.
  • Clean and efficient production: On-site inspections of the manufacturing facilities are conducted to verify that the manufacture of the building products is energy efficient, that the least possible burden is placed on the global climate and the environment and that social responsibility standards are met. The products must be functional and recyclable.
  • Protection of the environment and people’s health: Building products with the natureplus label do not adversely affect the environment or human health through harmful substances and ensure, in particular, healthy indoor living spaces. Regular laboratory testing, conducted in line with recognized international standards and strict threshold values, are proof of this.

Since 2002, the natureplus eco-label has been awarded to over 600 building products in Europe with a market size of some €500m.

The natureplus eco-label is recognized across Europe by building specialists, consumers environmental organisations, government bodies and building evaluation systems. Numerous state and communal funding programmes are associated with natureplus. With the help of natureplus, communities, banks and investors ensure the quality of their buildings in terms of sustainability.

From 1st January 2019, the European natureplus Institute with limited liability has assumed responsibility for the quality assurance for the natureplus eco-label. This association, under whose roof our long-term assessment partners have come together, is not only responsible for the relevant assessments worldwide but also for the whole certification process from the initial commissioning by the customer to the award of the label.