Our Team

Martin Duve | Executive Board

Martin Duve is a specialist for the analysis of heavy metals and was the former member of the executive committee of the Association of Ecological Research Institutes (AGÖF). Since the inauguration of natureplus, he has been a member of the Criteria Commission and was a founder member of the natureplus Executive Board. He has also performed the function of test and assessment coordinator in numerous assessment procedures. Martin Duve currently plays a leading role in our research and development and also manages the award of the eco-label. The associates at the inaugural meeting elected him to the Executive Board.

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Felix Konrad | Executive Board

Felix Konrad is an architect and building biologist. At natureplus e.V. he was a contact partner for customers, assisted in its marketing activities and administered the natureplus product database. At the same time, he provided planning and advisory services, in a self-employed capacity, in the area of healthy, ecological construction. The associates at the inaugural meeting elected him to the Executive Board as its second member.

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Claudia Schaum | Assessment management

Claudia Schaum is a qualified biologist (Diplom-Biologist) and has, for almost ten years, coordinated the administration of the natureplus e.V. assessment processes. She was the contact person for all questions relating to test/assessments, supervised the areas of contract commissions and book-keeping and was also responsible for the administration of the Association’s membership. She is bringing her many years of experience in the area of assessment management to the natureplus Institute SCE.

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Heike Geissler | accounting

Heike Geißler is a wholesale and foreign trade clerk and has been working for natureplus e.V. in accounting since January 2017. At natureplus Institute, she is also responsible for accounting.


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