Welcome to the natureplus Institute

The natureplus Institute is a European, cooperatively organised, assessment institute. Its core activity is impartial, product conformity evaluations with reference to national and international certification systems. Within this context, scientific product assessments are conducted according to sustainability criteria. These take place in close collaboration with our partner laboratories and the commissioning parties.
It remains in our hands to analyse and optimize the assessment processes, to implement new methods and within our research network to find appropriate procedures and standards for the future.

Award of the natureplus Eco-label

On 01.01.2019, the natureplus Institute was given the task to perform conformity assessements according to the natureplus eco-label. From now on, our team will supervise new assessments and repeat assessment procedures for the award of the natureplus eco-label. Our tasks also include the administration of the licensing rights, the organisation of the assessment procedures and the verification and evaluation of the assessment results in line with the natureplus award guidelines as well as the protection of the natureplus trademark.
The division between the label trusteeship (natureplus e. V.) and the award of the label is a precondition for the official state recognition of the natureplus eco-label. The natureplus Institute is pursuing a state accreditation, according to EN 17065, as an environmental label certification body.